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Optimized onboard shrimp processing on Havfisk AS trawler Nordtind

When owning a large factory trawler, rebuilds and refit of the existing factory is essential to optimize production yield and ensure high profitability.


For the past four years, the large factory vessel Nordtind has operated a simple shrimp line with freezing of industrial shrimp grades in vertical plate freezers. This line was due for an upgrade and has now been replaced with a new and improved shrimp processing line from Carsoe with grading and cooking of the catch.


The new shrimp line is a strong addition to the whitefish/shrimp combi-trawler. The shrimp is processed in an automated flow in the onboard factory to ensure a better utilization of the limited space onboard resulting in maximized profit for the vessel.

Automated shrimp processing line

The new shrimp processing line is a continuous cooking line complete with automatic grading, efficient continuous cooking in two Connie cookers and three IQF freezing lines. After freezing, the finished products are packed in 5 kg cartons before going to the cargo hold. This automated flow ensures quick processing of the catch to maintain a high-quality product.


The new cooking line is integrated into the existing factory deck and has been installed at Båtbygg in Norway. In addition, a complete spare parts package from Carsoe will ensure efficient and reliable operation at sea.



The leading supplier of shrimp processing equipment

Once again Carsoe was chosen as the preferred supplier of onboard shrimp processing equipment. The extensive experience with automated cold-water shrimp factories for all vessel sizes gives customers a strong partner in creating efficient and durable solutions.


With gentle handling, automation, and ergonomic working conditions at the core of the design, a Carsoe factory solution offers value to everyone from deckhand to fleet owner.


About Nordtind

Nordtind was built in 2018 and is owned by Havfisk AS. The 80.4 meters long vessel has a large onboard processing plant for both whitefish and shrimp as well as two separate cargo holds.


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