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Horizontal Plate Freezers Onboard Factory Trawlers

Horizontal plate freezers are ideal for use on board factory trawlers, thanks to their compact design, high capacity, and the simplicity of the mechanics. These characteristics make this type of freezer the most suitable in settings where space is limited, such as onboard a fishing vessel.

Long-lasting on limited space

The compact horizontal plate freezers are a strong and efficient choice for an onboard freezing line with limited space. The long-lasting stainless-steel construction are built to resist the rough environments onboard a factory trawler and ensures low maintenance costs.

The manual plate freezers are simple and ergonomic. The only functionality of the machine is the cylinder lifting the plates up and down in. This makes them very easy to operate successfully and reduces the spare parts required to maintain them.

Additionally, the Horizontal Plate Freezers have a hygienic design, making them easy to clean. 

High quality - low cost

By adding horizontal freezers to your production line, you preserve a high product quality at a low cost.

The plate freezer enables rapid freezing of food products through its direct double contact method of freezing. The method saves a significant amount of energy and reduces freezing time compared to traditional air blast freezers. The rapid dual contact freezing action is essential to avoid discoloration, enzymatic and cellular breakdown in the food products.

Due to the horizontal positioning of trays, it is easy to fill and empty the freezer. Also, the blocks do not tilt or get knocked over even during heavy seas.

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Three Carsoe Horizontal Plate Freezers Onboard Shrimp Factory

Carsoe has recently supplied three horizontal plate freezers onboard Qaasiut, a Polar Seafood shrimp trawler. The freezers are used for Japan-sized shrimp in 12 kg freezing blocks.

As with many other customers, the focus is to make the most out of the limited space as well as allowing adequate working conditions for the crew in the factory. The onboard equipment onboard Qaasiut includes 3 horizontal plate freezers among many other Carsoe machines.

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