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Efficient processing on coastal vessels:
Carsoe launches new equipment to optimize cooling

Historically, Carsoe has mostly equipped larger freezing and processing trawlers. Over the last months, the Intech International Seafood team has become part of Carsoe.

This is good news for coastal fishermen all over the world. With the broadened processing focus, Carsoe is a full-service provider to the fish processing industry.

Group Sales Director, Jeppe Christensen elaborates:


We have expanded our product portfolio and welcomed new and experienced colleagues. Their knowledge and expertise on coastal processing enables Carsoe to provide efficient processing equipment for all customers, regardless of vessel size.

New equipment – customized for coastal fishing

The newest addition to the Carsoe product portfolio, the Fish Cooling Carrousel, is an excellent example of value-adding coastal processing equipment.

By including this machine to the onboard production on coastal vessels, the catch stays fresh and the quality high with immediate cooling of the gutted and cleaned fish.

This increases the profitability and allows for a more efficient operation for the crew.

Optimized onboard processes


With a small crew onboard the vessels, efficient processes are essential.

With the Fish Cooling Carrousel, all crew members can clean fish on deck at the same time while still ensuring quick cooling of the gutted and cleaned fish in up to six different selections.

The fish cooling tank ensure efficient cooling of the catch resulting in high fish quality and increased shelf life.



Hugo Dissing - CEO - Carsoe

Hugo Dissing

CEO - Carsoe Group

+45 24 69 56 60