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Fish Cooling Carrousel

The Fish Cooling Carrousel from Carsoe is designed to ensure perfect fish quality with a more efficient operation. Keep the catch fresh and the quality high with immediate cooling of the gutted and cleaned fish.



  • Perfect fish quality and shelf life
  • Increase your profitability
  • More efficient operation for crew
  • Speed-up on fish packing processes
  • Compact and adaptable for any size of vessel

Efficient cooling ensures perfect fish quality

Designed primarily for coastal vessels to maintain the high quality of their catch through efficient cooling in up to six different selections.

Cooling process can be done with ice or RSW water.

When the carrousel is full, each chamber is emptied from the lead chamber into the cargo hold, allowing for an easy packing process. The emptying speed is easily controlled and adjusted.

The carrousel is compact and adaptable (min Ø1500) for any size vessel. The open stainless steel design facilitates easy cleaning.

Optimize onboard processes on coastal vessels

With the Fish Cooling Carrrousel, the work onboard the vessel can be optimized. Now, all crew members can clean fish on deck at the same time while still ensuring quick cooling of the gutted and cleaned fish in up to six different selections.

The fish cooling tank ensure efficient cooling of your catch resulting in high fish quality and increased shelf life.

Compact processing line for coastal fishing


The fish cooling carrousel works great along with the KM Mark cleaning and gutting machines. 

With efficient and high-capacity gutting as well as quick cooling, you preserve a high quality product.

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