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Sailing with Nanna Cecilie

Efficient fish processing on fresh fish vessels

Nanna Cecilie is a 28-meter-long Danish flyshooter with great processing capacity and automated functionalities that far have exceeded the expectations of the ship owners.

The onboard fish factory on Nanna Cecilie processes fresh cod, saithe and haddock and includes the following machines: KM Mark 7 Fish Gutting Machine, Bin with Movable Bottom, Rotating Fish Washer, Fish Bin, Conveyor Systems.

In daylight hours, the vessel Nanna Cecilie can catch up to approximately 1000 kilograms per haul, and up to 15.000 kilograms daily. It has the capability to deploy the net up to nine times, because of the time-saving onboard fish factory from Carsoe.

1 hour from water to ice

With a quick processing time of only 1 hour from deck to ice, the quality of the catch is kept at a premium.

The compact and customized onboard processing solution includes sorting, cleaning, gutting, and weighing of the fresh catch before it is put on ice.

 “The onboard seafood processing factory has had a positive impact on our earnings. It is both time-saving and crew-saving. We have been able to deploy our net up to 9 times a day because of the factory capacity. It has also helped us increase the quality of our catch due to the 1 hour from we drag the net in to the catch being put on ice and ready for the auction” says Hans Jørgen Jensen, owner and skipper on Nanna Cecilie.

5 operators or 1 KM Mark 7 Fish Gutting Machine

Part of the fish factory onboard Nanna Cecilie is the KM Mark 7 fish gutting machine. KM Mark 7 automates the fish gutting process onboard the vessel, and the capacity is up to 60 fish per minute. In comparison to the manual process of fish gutting, this level of capacity can be compared to five operators work. The sheen on the fish is being preserved due to the quick and high-quality gutting process, which has a positive impact on the auction price and quality of the fish.

 “We at Nanna Cecilie are very pleased with our very indispensable KM Mark 7 Fish Gutting Machine. It is an important part of our quality and quantity of the fish processing onboard our vessel” says Hans Jørgen Jensen.

KM Mark 7 ensures you a high quality and capacity of gutted fish and has a highly space saving design.

Rasmus Kronborg Nielsen

Rasmus Kronborg Nielsen

Business Manager

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Leif Andersen

Senior Sales Manager

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