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Breakthrough order for onboard longliner factory

Norwegian longliner company Leinebris has chosen Carsoe as their factory supplier for the newest addition to their fleet. The vessel will be outfitted to combine seine netting, longlining and gillnetting. Expertise from the Carsoe team as well as a complete product portfoliomakes Carsoe the preferred turnkey factory supplier of both longliner and combi-factories.

With a complete factory deck designed for efficient and high-capacity production as well as an automated palletizing and handling section, the new Leinebris vessel will be a significant upgrade from its predecessor.

Longliners may be new to Carsoe, but Sales Manager Trond Bjørnøy is no stranger to the Norwegian longliners and has been part of this industry for many years. “It is a great pleasure to lead Carsoe into this new market. With our product portfolio from catch to fresh frozen and finally palletized product, we are second to none when it comes to creating a strong and coherent solution.”


V16 freezers with automatic unloading system from Carsoe

Especially the V16 freezers are an essential part of any longliner factory. The high-capacity freezers are designed for space optimization and the automatic bottom unloading reduces manual labor and optimizes the production flow.

Carsoe is the global exclusive manufacturer of the unloading system for the V16 freezer. This means that the complete processing line is designed, built, and installed by Carsoe. 

Automatic palletizing and optimized offloading

Once the frozen blocks are discharged from the freezers, they continue to automatic palletizing and handling. This section of the factory has been optimized with a complete and coherent palletizing system including cargo elevators. This ensures an automated and continuous flow of complete pallets to the cargo hold.

When reaching port, the integrated offloading elevators transport the palletized products from the cargo hold to the shipside. From here, the pallets can be offloaded using a truck directly from the quayside. This means quick offloading with no need for cranes and additional manpower quayside.


Onboard factories for both trawlers and longliners

Historically, Carsoe has supplied turnkey factory solutions for trawlers worldwide, where the most recent orders include the fifth newbuild for Royal Greenland and a shrimp and crab factory for Ervik Havfiske.

A highly automated and efficient factory design is standard in Carsoe designs and the new factory for longliner Leinebris is no exception. With a well-designed flow through the heading and gutting stations to the 6 pcs. V16 freezers, the catch is quickly and efficiently processed to maintain the high quality of the gently caught catch. In addition to the Carsoe factory, onboard silage production and handling of by-products ensure that all fish that come on board are fully utilized.

The Leinebris vessel is built on Tersan and is scheduled for delivery in 2025. “I look forward to visiting the yard and staying up to date on the progress of the new vessel,” Trond Bjørnøy concludes.

About Leinebris

Leinebris is a Norwegian family company that owns and operates the world’s most modern longliner. They catch quality wild fish all year round in the cold and clear Northeast Atlantic. Leinebris are passionate about longline fishery and the fresh frozen at sea (FAS) concept that ensures the absolute highest standard of quality and consistency. As fifth-generation fishermen their heritage goes back to 1898. Today they use this firsthand knowledge to serve customers all around the world with premium longline fish.

The new Leinebris vessel is designed with the very best equipment and technology to ensure that the fish is treated in the best possible way.  “We aim to fish for the future and take care of the resources we have in the best possible way. So we have to both think new and build new. The sum of all the new investments means that we will reach the sustainability target by 2030 and limit our footprint on the sea.” manager, Paul Harald Leinebø, and chairman, Åge Uran, of Leinebris AS say.


Trond Bjørnøy

Sales Manager

+47 98 23 55 05

Bjørn Ståle Bjørkavåg

Sales Manager

+47 97 57 58 20