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Carsoe Sells Majority Stake to Solix Group

The shareholders of Carsoe A/S have agreed to sell the majority of its shareholding to Solix Group AB. Following the transaction Solix Group will own 60% of the outstanding share capital and management will own the remaining 40%.

Strategic rationale

The current owners’ motivation behind the sale is to provide the company with a solid capital base and add the competences required on the journey to achieve Carsoe’s one billion DKK revenue target. Alongside Solix Group's acquisition, the company acquires 100% of the share capital in all subsidiaries, including the Norwegian company Holmek Palletering, of which Carsoe already owns 43% of the share capital.

Our recently signed orders with the Russian Fishery Company and Arctic Storm Management Group have secured us a prominent position on a global level, and we have therefore considered that at present it makes sense to get a strong financial partner on board”, says CEO Mikkel Jacobsen and continues:

We get a new, professional view on the company which will help us strengthen the organisation and make sure we make the right decisions every single day. The management continues as before, and as part of the agreement with Solix Group, we are seeing increased interest in further acquisitions in the industry, both at home and abroad”.

About Carsoe

Carsoe was established in 1976 and is incorporated in Aalborg, Denmark with production facilities in Denmark and US and around 250 employees servicing customers in more than 38 countries worldwide.

Carsoe is a leading provider of processing equipment and services to the Food, Liquid Processing and Seafood industries including related aftersales services. The company holds a global market leading position within onboard processing equipment for large fishing vessels and has recently won a number of new large orders to Russian Fishery Company and Artic Storm Group.

About Solix Group

Solix Group is a Scandinavian investment company with offices in Copenhagen and Malmö. Solix Group has a long-term approach to its investments and seeks to develop the portfolio companies in close cooperation with management.

Carsoe will become Solix Group's 7th portfolio company and joins a group of internationally oriented Danish business-to-business industrial companies, including Cembrit, Hoyer, KK Wind Solutions and SKIOLD.

The latest at Carsoe

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