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Boost Productivity, Quality, and Efficiency with an Automatic Plate Freezer

The demand for increased productivity and the reduction of manual handling in modern food and seafood processing systems has never been greater. Our Automatic Horizontal Plate Freezer is built to accommodate those requirements.

By adding Automatic Plate Freezers to your production line, you will get an efficient, advanced, fast freezing setup with no manual handling of fresh or frozen blocks, and a higher production rate.

Automation is the core of our automatic horizontal plate freezers. The advanced automation system allows for precise control over the freezing process, guaranteeing that products are consistently frozen to the desired temperature. This enhances product quality and reduces the risk of human error, increasing the overall production efficiency.

Automatic Plate Freezing for food, seafood, alternative protein and more

One of the features of the Automatic Horizontal Plate Freezers is versatility. The freezers can be added to your production facilities of a wide variety of food products, including seafood, poultry, meat, vegetables, and alternative protein. This versatility makes this plate freezer ideal for companies engaged in different food processing and storage applications, who wants to optimize their food processing line.

Why choose an Automatic Plate Freezer?

Our Automatic Plate Freezer is built with complete frame and cylinder in stainless steel, ensuring durability even in challenging environments and guaranteeing an extended operational lifetime of your freezing system.
It is well-suited for on-board fish processing and serves as an excellent high-capacity freezing solution for land-based factories.

The loading and unloading of the freezer is handled automatically and designed with the highest possible capacity and easy maintenance in mind, which means no manual handling of the fresh or frozen blocks. Your production becomes more stringent, more effective and requires no human interaction during production.

Customized plate freezing solution

In order to maximize processing capacity and ensure proper production volume scaling, we produce tailor-made systems that work seamlessly with the Automatic Horizontal Plate Freezer. Depending on the specific product, these systems include packaging lines, sorting mechanisms, grading processes, palletization, and buffer facilities. All Automatic Horizontal Plate Freezers are designed for a specific capacity and flow, which will be modeled in close partnership with our customer.