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A Standard Lift With Endless Possibilities

The HKV200 is a fast runner in our lift assortment. It is used in production facilities around the globe and we produce around 250 units each year in countless customized variations. This lift model is a popular choice for our customers as it is flexible and can be designed to accommodate the production requirements. 

A strong and versatile base

The HKV200 is a basic lift model designed for 200- and 300-liter bins. This standard column lift can be fitted with a wide selection of options:

  • Variable height
  • Floor mounted or mobile solutions
  • Safety options such as safety net and screens
  • Various fork and tipping options
  • Tipping angles

These options can be combined and adjusted according to your requirements. The configuration of the solution is done in close collaboration with our product specialists. They have designed numerous solutions with the HKV200 lift and can help you configure the best lift for your production.

Your cost-effective choice

In addition to the many customized options, the HKV200 can also be adjusted at a later state if your production changes. It is designed with a centered shaft in the column. This makes it flexible, as the lift can tip in either direction. 

If your production flow change, and you need adjust the tipping direction, it can be easily altered by changing only a few parts.

This is a cost-effective solution for you, as the expensive part of the equipment, the lift itself, is not influenced by the alteration. 

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Carsoe offers a wide range of standard lifting and handling equipment. Our solutions are flexible and tailor made to your needs.


Our talented employees will be happy to assist you with any inquiries about our products or to discuss the best solution for your company.