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A Closeup of the Carsoe Bycatch Separator

What is bycatch separation?

Bycatch separation is designed to avoid bycatch, such as fish, in the final product. It is, as the name suggests, a process in which the bycatch is separated from the catch. The separating process is completed early on, before the shrimp are graded, cooked and frozen.

Separating bycatch from the catch was previously done by hand, but many modern onboard shrimp factories now integrate a bycatch separation machine to automate the process.

A bycatch separator is designed as part of a shrimp processing line and warrants a gentle and effective sorting of small fish from shrimp.



How does bycatch separation work?

The separation process is enabled thanks to the difference in the surface texture of shrimp and fish, as this determines how well they stick to the conveyor belt. The fish, which easily stick to the belt, are transported upwards on a conveyor belt, whereas the friction of the shrimp cause them to slide downwards.  This also makes the separator suitable for separation of soft-shelled shrimp in seasons where those swarm the waters.

The bycatch is collected in a designated container, whereas the shrimp continue their journey through the production on the conveyor belts. In the Carsoe separator, the by-catch is measured, making it easy to accurately register how much by-catch ends up in the catch and ensure that the fishing regulations are complied with.

The separator’s conveyor belts tend to be at a higher speed than regular conveyor belts. The speed can be adjusted according to the kind of bycatch mixed in with the shrimp. The belts can further have their incline adjusted, to ensure that bycatch is conveyed upwards while shrimp slide down.

Advantages of automatic bycatch separation

Automatically separating the small fish ensures an efficient and cost-effective shrimp production onboard, with fewer production stops and less manual labor. This also benefits your crew, as repetitive tasks are reduced and processing onshore is facilitated considerably. 

Your onboard shrimp production will achieve a significantly higher capacity than with manual separation, as automated separation results in a shorter production time. This means that your catch is processed quicker and maintains a high quality of the final product.


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The bycatch separator is an integrated part of the onboard shrimp processing equipment on most of our factory trawler solutions for coldwater shrimp.

Akamalik and Baffin Fisheries are two of our most recent factory designs. Learn more about them - or check our the complete reference list.

Bycatch separation and other shrimp processing equipmet

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