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Swingloader HDL 900

The Swingloader HDl 900 is designed for containers with a maximum capacity of up to 1200 kg.

The emptying process can be stalled, enabling the user to control the emptying process.

A chute is mounted on the swingloader, controlling the product flow during the emptying process and therewith minimizing waste.

Hygienic swingloader

The HDL 900 swingloader is easy to clean thanks to its hygienic design with stainless steel materials.

A hose safety valve has been installed to ensure extra safety for the user. The Carsoe HDL 900 swingloader  is further equipped with stainless cylinders, a chute, as well as an integrated hydraulic station. This station has an oil tank, valves and motor protection.

All electrical and hydraulic connections are shielded.

Just like the standard version, this swingloader is equipped with floor fittings for stationary use. It also includes wheels, a fork device for emptying Euro-bins and a discharge table.

  • Tipping angle: 130°
  • Standard tipping heights: 1000 mm, 1100 mm or 1200 mm
  • Side or front mounted double acting hydraulic pump station
  • Stainless steel cylinder with integrated hose safety valve
  • For stationary use
  • Function keys integrated in stainless steel control box

Designed to fit

Customized swingloader

Your swingloader can be customized with additional features according to your requirements. 

These are some of the most-used additional functionalities used to optimize the production flow or increase security measures.

  • Other discharge heights
  • Sideways loading
  • Various solutions for minimizing product loss
  • Various solutions for handling different container sizes
  • Solution for noise reduced tipping
  • Safety shielding
  • Fork devices for emptying Euro bins
  • Castors for mobile execution
  • Discharge table

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Questions about Swingloaders?

The configuration of your solution is done in close collaboration with our product specialists. They have designed countless lifting solutions and can help you configure the best lift for your production.

Let us work together to find the optimal solution for your lifting and handling needs.


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