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Trimming Line

The Carsoe trimming line is designed for trimming of the fish arriving from the filleting machine.

Designed for ergonomic working conditions with the correct height and short reaching distance for the workers on the line. 

The trimming line includes candling tables with crystal-clear white LED light for manual trimming of the fish. After trimming, the fish are placed on a conveyor and transported to the packing station.

Two benefits for your production



Hygienic design

We always focus on hygiene in our designs. The candling tables include small bins for waste from the trimming. The tables also have bright lights to properly check for worms and other irregularities in the catch.

Tailor-made solutions

Therefore, the trimming line can be made the exact length necessary to suit your production requirements and space. We also modify the working stations part of the trimming line to suit your needs.


Want to know more?

Contact us and let us work together to find the optimal solution for your vessel.

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Tony Pedersen

Sales Manager

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Ruben Nielsen

VP Sales - Carsoe US

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Sales - Carsoe US

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