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For shrimp, mackerel and herring

Style Grader

Our Style Grader has an innovative shaker infeeding system. The shaker infeeding system ensures an effective grading of the shrimp or fish.

The diverse grader can be used for most marine species, both on land and at sea. It only takes 10 minutes to change over from mackerel grading to herring grading

Style Grader is available for both cold water shrimp and warm water shrimp, and in various sizes and types depending on raw material requirements.

Style grader

Technical specifications

Dimensions: Available in various sizes depending on the desired capacity

Capacity per hour: Up to 50-55 tons for herring and mackerel, and up to 5 tons for shrimp

Material: Stainless steel and nylon

Grading: Up to 5-meter-long grading channels. Grades up to 10 sizes, with 2-30 grading channels


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Leif Andersen

Senior Sales Manager

+45 40 13 81 82
Søren Hansen5

Søren Hansen

Area Sales Manager - Seafood processing

+45 30 11 26 85