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Onboard and onshore shrimp grading


This Carsoe shrimp grader type CS 1014 grades from 4 up to 7 sizes, leading the small shrimp out first while the larger ones continue till the edge of the screen.

Our shrimp grading machine offers a gentle and accurate thickness grading and is available for both cold water and warm water shrimp.

The open stainless steel design facilitates daily cleaning. Our shrimp grader is equipped with automatic lubricant injectors and requires but a minimum of maintenance.

The shrimp grader can be connected to plants both on board and on shore.

How shrimp grading works


A feeding chute distributes the shrimp evenly on two oscillating screens with individually adjustable rails and the shrimp are led out at a suitable gap.

A carrier chain ensures a continuous grading process without any product accumulation. The grader is equipped with either electric or hydraulic motor on request.

A quick adjustment system for easy change to other shrimp sizes is an optional extra for you. Furthermore, you can also add equipment for collection and recirculation of processing water.


3 advantages for your production

Effective grading of shrimp



Easy cleaning

The focus in the design of the grader has been easy maintenance and cleaning. The open construction makes for optimized production hygiene through quick access to critical areas.

Gentle grading

Our shrimp grader is equipped with automatic lubricant injectors ensuring a gentle grading of the shrimp.


Cold and warm water shrimp

The Carsoe shrimp grader is designed to grade both cold and warm water shrimp of different sizes. 


Want to know more?

Contact us and let us work together to find the optimal solution for your vessel.

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