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Shrimp Grader RS 24

The compact and almost noiseless Shrimp Grader RS 24 offers a high capacity, operational reliability and very limited maintenance requirements.

The grader is equipped with four grading grids placed in two levels above each other. In this way, the shrimp are sorted twice in one single working cycle resulting in a very accurate size grading.

To change the size grading, simply shift to a grading grid with more or less space between the grids. This is done in less than one minute.

Shrimp Grader RS 24

Key advantages of our shrimp grader

Low own weight

Shrimp Grader RS 24 has a low own weight of only 60 kg, making it ideal for all types of vessels, from small fishing boats to large trawlers.

High capacity

The grader has a high capacity, as it can handle 500-1,000 kg shrimp per hour.

Competitive machinery

RS 24 is a compact and reliable shrimp grading machine. It is almost noiseless requires very limited maintenance.


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What are the key features of the Shrimp Grader RS 24?

The Shrimp Grader RS 24 is known for its compact design, high operational reliability, and minimal maintenance needs. It's equipped with four grading grids arranged in two levels, enabling double sorting in a single cycle for accurate size grading. The machine's near-silent operation adds to its appeal.

What is the capacity of the Shrimp Grader RS 24?

The Shrimp Grader RS 24 boasts a high capacity, capable of handling 500-1,000 kg of shrimp per hour. This makes it suitable for operations that require high-volume shrimp processing.

Is the Shrimp Grader RS 24 suitable for different types of vessels?

Yes, the Shrimp Grader RS 24 is versatile and ideal for a range of vessels, thanks to its low own weight of just 60 kg. This makes it easily adaptable for use on small fishing boats as well as large trawlers.