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Packing station including check scales


The Carsoe packing station including check scales enables you to pack your crab easily and delicately, so they remain intact.

Our packing station includes tables with check scales. That way, the boxes are filled until the desired weight is achieved.


Once this weight is achieved, the chutes close and can be reopened once a new box is ready to be filled with crabs.

The empty boxes are placed above the tables, so that they can easily be reached by employees when ready for filling.



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Bjørn Ståle Bjørkavåg

Sales Manager

+47 97 57 58 20
René Hagelskær - Carsoe - Seafood Processing

René Hagelskær

Sales Manager

+45 42 36 87 19
Jeppe Christensen Sales Manager Seafood Carsoe

Jeppe Christensen

Group Sales Director - Seafood Processing

+45 27 57 43 79