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Effective processing

Multi-Specious Heading Machine

Double or single sided Heading Machine used for multi-species fish heading and eviscerating. Processing rate is based on fish species to be processed. When processing very large codfish, one of the blades are removed.

The machine is equipped with one or two 500 mm diameter blades and dual vacuum system nozzles. Variable speed hydraulic drive as standard.

Electric drive optional. 


Multispecious processing


The machine is commonly used for heading and eviscerating flatfish (yellowfin sole), but can be adapted to multiple species such as salmon and cod. Fish up to 1.2m long can be run on this machine. Hydraulic and Electric Drives available.

Large (500mm) diameter blade provides adequate clearance in machine to facilitate the heading and evisceration of large Pacific Cod with a head/body thickness of up to 184mm (7.2”).

For fish 1M in length one blade is easily removed for processing from a single side of the machine.

Up to 200 fish per minute

“Variport” Evisceration Suction Nozzles

The machine is equipped with variable opening “port-plates” that are height adjustable. It is used in combination with our vacuum system to eviscerate the fish once headed.

Different plate openings are provided to accommodate different species of fish that can be processed on this machine.

Rates of up to 200 fish per minute (for flatfish) can be done with multiple people feeding the machine.

Hydraulic and Electric Drives available.

Single Lane Heading Machine

We also offer a single lane heading machine, if space on the production floor is limited. 

This single lane heading machine takes minimal space and can be used for the same size fish as the double lane machine.

“Left hand” and “right hand” versions available. The machine is equipped with one 500 mm diameter blade.

Hydraulic drive unit shown.


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