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For cold and warm water shrimp

KM 1108 Shrimp Grading Machine

The KM 1108 Shrimp Grading Machine has been specially designed for cold or warm water shell on head on/off shrimp and is for use onboard trawlers or at land-based factories.

KM 1108 grades the shrimp by means of a vibrator mounted on the bed frame. The directional amplitude of the vibrator secures a gentle handling and an optimal sorting.

Effective roller scraper system

For shell and head on/off shrimp

KM 1108 is equipped with effective roller scraper system. It is standard delivered with a quick adjusting system on grading pipes, as well as between the outlets under the grader.

Also, the machine can be delivered with dividers or base box system depending on requirements.

We recommend delivered with an infeed hopper for optimal capacity and sorting accuracy. This machine can also be delivered with an infeed tray.

Technical specifications

Capacity Up to 750 kg/hour, depending on feeding system, number of sizes, shrimp sizes and quality
Grades Up to 4 different grades
Power Electricity: 1 kW
Hydraulic: 20 l/minute at 70 bar
Water 1 pcs. 1½” connection
Consume Max. 8.5 m3 at 3.5 bar
Normal 6 m3 at 2.5 bar
Weight 500 kg (excl. Infeed hopper)
Materials Manufactured in polished stainless steel and F.D.A. approved materials
Niels Kronborg Nielsen

Niels Kronborg Nielsen

Senior Sales Manager

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Rasmus Kronborg Nielsen

Rasmus Kronborg Nielsen

Business Manager

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