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Fillet Washer for Salmon and Trout

The fillet washer is developed especially for cleaning salmon and trout fillets, but it is also well-suited for cleaning of all other fillet types.

Normally, the fillet washer is used after the pinbone remover, and preferably before the packing process in order to make the fillets look clean and appetizing.

The fillet washer is sensor activated. When the fillets pass the sensor, water is added and the blower starts. This means that there is no water consumption if there are no fillets in the washer.



The fillet washer has a capacity of approximately 20 fillets per minute - depending on the fillet size. 

Conveyor Type


The conveyors er designed as open stainless steel conveyor. Each conveoyer is approx. 600 mm wide.



The belt velocity is adjusted by a frequency converter. The blower is adjusted by a frequency converter.

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