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Deslimer for salmon and trout

The Deslimer type 3051 is developed with inspiration from salmon and trout manufacturers and breeders. It offers efficient and effortless desliming of salmon or trout with a capacity of up to 30 fish pr. minute. 

The deslimer has separate pump pre- and main rinse as well as clean water after-rinse.

A unique characteristic is that any kind of slime, fish scale, blood, sea foam etc. is transported out of the deslimer by a specially designed conveyor in the recirculation tank.

Belt type


Open stainless steel belts with a belt width of approx. 600 mm.

Optional extras


Available in double line add 300 mm in width (belt width 900 mm)

Water Capacity


The deslimer has a water capacity of approx. 250 liters at start-up

Easy cleaning of deslimer

The deslimer is design for easy and efficient cleaning.

All parts can be opened without using any kind of tool, and
all hoses and tubes can be cleaned by opening two valves and recirculating of clean water. The electric control system includes its own built-in cleaning program.

This makes the deslimer a strong addition to your salmon of trour processing line for a continuous processing flow.

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