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Continuous Cooker


The continuous cooker consists of a conveyor with a stainless steel belt. The belt is driven electrically through the cooking bin. The cooker is mounted with a pump which ensures uniform cooking of the product.

The cooker conveyor and hood can automatically be lifted out of the water, with two hydraulically operated cylinders. This opens the cooker completely, facilitating cleaning. Time of cooking and temperature can be individually adjusted.

The continuous steam cooker is equipped with a pneumatically controlled adjusting valve enabling the cooker to keep a constant temperature without great temperature variations. 

Continuous cooker features

Shrimp processing and cooking

The shrimp cooker has a high capacity allowing for quick processing of your catch. It is easily integrated in existing production lines

The Carsoe continuous cooker type CS 1116.XX is made of bead blasted and acid resistant steel in an open design, facilitating daily cleaning. The cooker requires but a minimum of maintenance.

  • Includes an intelligent control system
  • Easy to clean, nothing to dismount before cleaning
  • Made of acid resistant steel
  • Few moving parts – low maintenance cost


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