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Shrimp cooker

Connie 500

The continuous cooker Connie 500 provides an even and delicate cooking of your catch. The cooker ensures that every product is cooked in exactly the same way, with the same salt content and the same taste, resulting in a finished product of the highest quality.

Connie 500 is the smallest member of our Connie series of cookers. It offers a capacity of up to 800 kg per hour, when choosing a 3 minute cooking cycle. 

The start-up time for Connie 500 is approx. 60 minutes from 5⁰C to 98⁰C. The cooking cycle can be set to last 2-7 minutes. 

Connie 500 can also be used to defrost products.

3 reasons for choosing Connie 500

Key advantages

Perfect cooking

The delicate handling of Connie 500 ensures an even and rapid cooking of your catch, so that each shrimp are cooked to perfection.

Custom cooking time

The cooking cycle can be set to last from 2 to 7 minutes. This allows you to choose the exact cooking time that is suitable for your catch.

Easy cleaning

Connie 500 is easily cleaned due to the hygienic design of the cooker and the special conveyor lifting kit. 


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