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By-catch separator

An increase in capacity, staff reduction and a long service life are tangible benefits to be achieved with Carsoe’s flexible by-catch separator.

Automatic separation of small fish is crucial for an efficient and cost-effective shrimp production onboard. Carsoe’s by-catch separator ensures a higher capacity than manual separation which besides being far less efficient also demands more staff on the line. Furthermore, with this unit, a much cleaner product is achieved and further processing on shore made considerably easier.

optimized production

Effective separation of bycatch

It is the difference in surface texture on shrimp and fish that enables the separation process. The fish are transported upwards, whereas the shrimp slide downwards. This also makes the separator suitable for separation of soft-shelled shrimp in seasons where those swarm the waters.

The by-catch separator is equipped with an electrical cylinder that makes the adjustment of the angle of the conveyors less time consuming. A unique tilting system makes for an even spread of product on the conveyors in case of heeling, and thus a more efficient separation process. The drive drums on the conveyors are made of rubber which ensures a substantially longer service life.

Effective bycatch separation

3 advantages for your production



Easy cleaning

The focus in the design of the separator has been easy maintenance and cleaning. The open construction makes for optimized production hygiene through quick access to critical areas.

Increased capacity

By automating the bycatch separation your onboard shrimp production has a significantly higher capacity than manual separation. It also cost-effective as it  requires less staff members on the line.


Long service life

The details of the design with drive drums on the conveyors made of rubber which ensures a substantially longer service life.

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