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Big Bag Cargo Solution

Our big bag cargo solution is designed to fill big bags with cargo and are especially suited for industrial shrimp.

The bags are weighed in the hoppers. When the desired amount and weight has been filled into the big bags, the chute closes and stops filling into the big bags.

With the Carsoe big bag cargo solution, you end up with weighed portions of 400 kg of cargo in big bags.

Automated weighout

To ensure the correct amount of product, the solution is design with automatic weighout of the portions for each big bag.

Big Bag Cargo Solution 1

Easy handling

To reduce heavy lifting and handling of the heavy bags, the big bags are filled in the cargo hold via chutes from the production deck.

Big Bag Cargo Solution 2


Want to know more?

Contact us and let us work together to find the optimal solution for your vessel.

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Søren Hansen

Area Sales Manager - Seafood processing

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Senior Sales Manager

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