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Visit Carsoe at STAND 3FF401

Seafood Processing Global 2023

Come and visit Carsoe at Seafood Processing Global (SPG), a global seafood exhibition. It is the largest seafood event serving industry professionals and buyers from all over the world with processing equipment.

V16 Plate Freezer

At our stand, you get live demonstrations of our V16 Plate Freezer with Automatic Unloading System for easy and gentle handling of frozen blocks. The freezer system ensures that the unloading process is both automatic and simple, and the setup is suitable for both onboard and land-based installations.

As optional extra features, the V16 Plate Freezer can be installed with connection conveyor system and Non-Stick Cover Plates.

The connection conveyor system is a space saving solution that ensures easy transport of the blocks without any humans touching of the blocks.

The Non-Stick Cover Plates secure the frozen blocks from breaking and ensure friction free movement of the frozen blocks during unloading from the V16 vertical freezer.

Read more about V16 Plate Freezer here.

KM Mark 7

World's best fish gutting machine

Visit our stand and experience the unique fish gutting machine, KM Mark 7. It is a strong and highly powerful machine that automates the fish gutting process. It has a capacity of up to 60 fish per minute which is a capacity at a level of up to 5 operators’ work effort.

KM Mark 7 is a must-have gutting machine with many benefits. One of the key features is the unique one-side-service construction where all maintenance is carried out from one side. The machine is space saving on deck, and it allows you to adjust gutting length while the machine is in operation.

Read more about KM Mark 7 here.

Strong and efficient Horizontal Plate Freezer

Also, come and meet our Horizontal Plate Freezer. It provides rapid freezing of products through double contact freezing. This freezer is characterized by its stainless steel freezer frame, extra strong freezing plates, pressure monitor manometer, and the silicone covered hoses.  

The Horizontal Plate Freezer comes in a wide range of plate openings to accommodate various tray sizes, and it can be designed to fit into any production facility with minimum floor space available.

Learn more about Horizontal Plate Freezer here.

SPG Expo information


Fira Barcelona Gran Via Venue, Barcelona, Spain

Event dates

April 25-27, 2023

Opening hours

Tuesday, April 25: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Wednesday, April 26: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Thursday, April 27: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Meet the team

The most experienced seafood team is ready to welcome you to our stand, and we look forward to discussing your next seafood processing line.

Hugo Dissing - CEO - Carsoe

Hugo Dissing

CEO - Carsoe Group

+45 24 69 56 60

Leif Andersen

Senior Sales Manager

+45 40 13 81 82
Niels Kronborg Nielsen

Niels Kronborg Nielsen

Senior Sales Manager

+45 40 89 46 35
Rasmus Kronborg Nielsen

Rasmus Kronborg Nielsen

Business Manager

+45 40 48 04 23
Carsoe Norway Helge Eiken CEO

Helge Eiken

CEO - Holmek Automation

+47 91 19 70 59

Trond Bjørnøy

Sales Manager

+47 98 23 55 05