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Successful FAT of semi-automatic plate freezer line

A few hours of testing and discussing the last few adjustments of the new semi-automatic plate freezer line was concluded successfully at Carsoe’s plant, and the crew of Royal Greenland’s vessel Akamalik were satisfied to see their equipment running smoothly.

"The freezer line plays a critical role in our onboard processing plant, so it is vital for us to see that everything functions flawlessly," notes Frederik Voetmann Nielsen, Chief Engineer at Royal Greenland.

Frederik and fellow crew members paid a visit to Carsoe for the factory acceptance test (FAT) of the semi-automatic Japan line with automatic plate freezers for their vessel. The freezer line is a central and vital part of the full shrimp processing plant that Carsoe is delivering to the boat.

A partnership shaped by the sea

At Carsoe, our close partnership with our customers and the deep understanding of their daily routines are fundamental in crafting efficient processing solutions that help our customers make the most of their catch.

Our customers literally live with our plants onboard and know every nut and bolt of the equipment almost as well as we do,” Project Manager at Carsoe Jonas Aagaard states, “so it is important for us to take the input and reflections of our customers into consideration.”

Frederik Voetmann Nielsen: "For the past four years, I've worked with Carsoe's systems. It's evident they've continued to evolve, and most importantly, they've transformed a substantial portion of our feedback into reality. This is very positive for us."

The vessel and plant

The vessel Akamalik is the newest and most high-tech vessel of the Royal Greenland fleet. The ship is currently under construction in Spain and will be equipped with a complete onboard processing factory from Carsoe.

The factory deck includes a complete shrimp processing factory with a high level of automation as well as robot handling and automatic freezing of the processed catch. As a new addition, the factory will include an innovative palletizing section with three integrated palletizing robots. 

The semi-automatic Japan line

The freezer line is designed for weighing and freezing of 1kg Japan shrimps.

With this line, you will achieve an end product of 1 kg Japan shrimps packed into a box, sealed and ready for retail.

The semi automatic Japan line allows you to weigh out exactly 1 kg of Japan shrimps and pack them into the designated boxes. After this step, they are brought to a station where the boxes are closed and glued in order to seal them.

Let Carsoe manufacture your next shrimp processing line

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