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Sikuaq Trawl Choose Carsoe as Supplier

Sikuaq Trawl A/S from Greenland has chosen Carsoe as a supplier of process equipment to their new state of the art fishing trawler, which will be completed in May 2016.

"We are proud that Sikuaq Trawl has selected Carsoe as a supplier on this project. We have proved, with completed projects in 2014, that we are able to handle large and complex tasks", says director Mikkel Jacobsen.

Sikuaq Trawl are among the leaders in shrimp fisheries in Greenland and expands with this investment capacity. The trawler will be built at Tersan Yard in Turkey and will become the most modern trawler in Greenland waters.

Carsoe will be responsible for development, production and assembly of the equipment to the factory deck of the trawler. The supply equipment includes everything from fish is hauled on board until they are frozen and ready to be packed on pallets.

"This major project is the result of the last few years of focused effort on Carsoe’s development and expansion, that has made us an attractive partner for our customers", says director Mikkel Jacobsen.

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