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Polar Princess and Polar Nanoq

Simultaneous service inspection on several vessels

Carsoe Aftersales Department services customers all over the world, and in these first weeks of 2023 we have assembled a service team for installation and smaller rebuilds on the two Polar Seafood vessels, Polar Princess and Polar Nanoq, that are currently docked at Port of Frederikshavn, Denmark. In the coming months more Polar Seafood vessels enter the same port for their annual service inspection, and Carsoe will also carry out service check here.

Polar Princess

Annual service while docked

At Polar Princess, we carry out the annual service inspection while the vessel is docked. The vessel sails under the flag of Greenland in the North Atlantic area and fishes for cod, haddock, halibut, redfish, and similar species. This requires high demands for equipment durability, and with a regular service check the machines keep performing while at sea.

Carsoe has supplied the entire onboard fish processing line about twenty years ago, and the factory is still running strong. The annual service inspection includes service on equipment such as conveyors, machines, and palletizing system.

The vessel is docked for approx. a month and is scheduled to leave Port of Frederikshavn again in week 3 of 2023.

Polar Nanoq

Rebuild and service at vessel

On the other Polar Seafood vessel, Polar Nanoq, we have a team of technicians working on installing a new block elevator for easy lowering of catch to the cargo. This upgrade reduces some of the manual handling of the heavy frozen fish blocks.

In addition to the installation, the team also performs annual service inspection on factory equipment while the vessel is docked. Polar Nanoq has a fish processing line onboard that is still running strong after more than twenty years of production.

The vessel sails under the flag of Greenland and is scheduled to be back at sea at the end of January 2023.

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