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Second state-of-the-art Carsoe factory to Russian deepwater fishing company Luntos Co. Ltd.

While the installation of the processing plant on the first Luntos vessel is well on its way, the contract for factory on the next vessel is also signed. The new vessel, with a length of 87 meters and a beam of 18 meters, has a custom-tailored processing plant. Once again Carsoe is chosen as the strongest supplier for the project.

Two concurrent projects

In Vietnam, the first Luntos vessel has entered the final stages of installation and the Carsoe Installation team is onsite to ensure, that the factory is running smoothly. It is scheduled to leave the shipyard in spring 2021 to start their fishing in Far East Russia.

Meanwhile, the second Luntos vessel was designed and contracted with a few modifications compared to the first vessel. “Luntos 2 has a higher capacity and we have adjusted a few things to better accommodate this”, Area Sales Manager, Thomas Andreasen. 

He was very happy to be able to sign the second contract with Luntos. “Returning business means, that we are doing our job right and we are very pleased to continue the corporation with Luntos and the shipyard Vard, both of which are very professional business partners” 

High-capacity processing factory

The new vessel from Luntos has a capacity of 210 Tons/24 h and will be fishing for herring, mackerel, pacific sardines, and squid. All species are processed in the Carsoe onboard factory. For each individual product there are dedicated routes through the factory according to the required processing needed. 

Fish grading is done by size on roller grader. Hereafter the fish goes either to whole round freezing or are processed as H&G or fillets on the three filleting machines. The squid are sorted by size and further processed on the manual line before freezing.

All products are frozen onboard as blocks in the 21 vertical freezers before it is automatically packed in master boxes, strapped, weighed, and labelled and finally manually packed onto pallets.

The project for the second Luntos has already started at Carsoe and the equipment is scheduled for delivery on the shipyard early 2022, while the completed Luntos vessel will depart the shipyard in the autumn 2022.


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