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Robot palletizing for Baffin Fisheries new factory trawler

While the new vessel Inuksuk II was successfully launched at Tersan Shipyard in Turkey in the beginning of November, the processing equipment for the shrimp and halibut factory onboard was being finalized and prepared for installation. One milestone was the FAT of the onboard robot palletizing solution, designed in close collaboration with Robotool.

Being a trusted seafood processing partner is a continuous commitment to delivering reliable and high-capacity equipment for our customers. One way of ensuring this is to conduct testing of the equipment before installation onboard.

As a key section in the onboard factory, the robot palletizing has been thoroughly tested and adjusted to meet the requirements of the factory. The compact robot solution efficiently sorts the frozen products by grade in a completed automated flow with no manual handling.

The robot has been customized to run in cold environments, as the temperature is kept at -15 to -18 degrees in this part of the factory. 

The section was successfully tested and approved by skipper Johan Hansen and CEO of Baffin Fisheries, Chris Flanagan. They were very pleased with the equipment and the layout of the robot palletizing solution for their new vessel.


Close partnership is essential

Project Manager at Carsoe, Michael Trolle is happy with the progress on Inuksuk II: “The test went as planned, and it is always a pleasure to invite our customers to join the tests live. On larger projects like this, it is important with a close and open communication with the customer. This is the foundation for a strong end result.”

In the following months, the installation will take place in Turkey, and we are looking forward to seeing the result during spring 2024.

Learn more about the onboard factory layout on Inuksuk II here >>

About Baffin Fisheries

Baffin Fisheries (BFC) is the largest commercial fishing enterprise in Northern Canada. It is a non-profit coalition supporting the Inuit hunters and trappers of five remote communities in the Territory of Nunavut.

BFC is 100% Inuit owned, with two 60-metre, factory freezer stern trawlers, both of which have factories built and supported by Carsoe as well as the newbuild Inuksuk II.

The Company’s mission is to maximize benefits to the people of Nunavut with a vision of being the leading producer of premium wild cold-water seafood.


A long-lasting partnership

Baffin Fisheries has been a close partner to Carsoe for years, and Carsoes After Sales department has kept the fleet running smoothly with regular services, maintenance, and rebuild jobs on their two existing freezing trawlers Sivilluq and Inuksuk.

Optimizing and rebuilding of existing equipment to accomodate quota changes or new requirements is key to achieving maximum capacity in the onboard factory.

This long-term relationship led to the contract for a complete factory onboard this newest and modern addition to the Baffin fleet, Inuksuk II.

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