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Qaleralik A/S orders new factory from Carsoe

The turn-key order includes a complete processing factory for shrimp, halibut, and cod. The new factory trawler is replacing an existing vessel and once again Qaleralik, partly owned by Royal Greenland, chooses a Carsoe processing factory.

The Carsoe factory will handle everything from fresh catch until the processed, sorted, and frozen products are safely transported and stored in the cargo hold. The advantages of choosing one supplier for the entire factory are clear. With a single point of contact, Qaleralik A/S saves times on handling suppliers. At the same time, choosing a turn-key processing plant from Carsoe also ensures a strong coherence between the various processing equipment in their factory.

The new vessel is the fourth in a series of four. All four vessels are equipped with Carsoe factories and built at the Astilleros Murueta Shipyard in Bilbao. Of the first three vessels, two are owned by Royal Greenland. The third is owned by Ice Trawl.

A three-lane factory

The onboard factory is designed with three lines. One for halibut, one for cod, and one for shrimp.

On the shrimp line the catch is sorted and graded before continuing to the complete onboard cooking line. The halibut are sorted and processed. J-cut, whole round, head, and tales. The cod line ensures effective heading and gutting of the catch.

The three processing lines meet at the freezing section, where the processed catch is frozen before proceeding to automatic sorting and palletizing in the packing section. Here, the freezing blocks and IQF-shrimp are sorted and palletized by species.

The layered wrapping ensures safe storage at sea. Once palletized, the onboard elevators transport the catch to the cargo hold. This fully automated Carsoe handling system optimizes onboard processes and requires less manpower in the cargo hold.

Multiple freezing options

With a combined freezing capacity of 80 tons per 24 hours, the new trawler has a very strong freezer setup.

Two automatic plate freezers, two complete IQF freezing tunnels and four vertical freezers are designed to ensure effective and high-capacity onboard freezing. This means that the factory vessel can process and freezer more cargo per trip and fulfill their quotas quickly.

All three types of freezers are designed, produced, and installed by Carsoe to complete the turnkey factory solution from a single supplier.

The vessel is to be delivered in October 2022 and will fish in the waters around Greenland

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