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Prevent downtime on your equipment with After Sales service

Regular maintenance is an integral part of keeping your systems running.

By letting Carsoe’s After Sales engineers handle your service and maintenance needs, you prevent downtime and get a well-functioning machinery that runs at high productivity.

Our After Sales can provide the right spare parts for maintenance and service, and we pride ourselves in handling inquiries promptly to maximize your uptime rates.

Service engineers at your call – operating worldwide

With more than 20 service personnel helping customers perform planned service in more than 26 countries worldwide, Carsoe knows how to help you keep your systems running and performing at its best.

And if extra assistance is needed, the additional team of 100 smiths and service engineers based in the production in Aalborg, are ready to join them in helping you.

Expert help for renovations and rebuilds

Your requirements for your equipment can change during the lifetime of your machinery. Renovating or rebuilding your existing equipment is a cost-effective way to adjust to your processing needs.

Carsoe’s engineers have a vast experience with renovating and rebuilding existing processing facilities and will help you optimize your production and make the most of your catch every single day. For now and in the future.

Carsoe can help you with:

  • Service
  • Maintenance
  • Spare parts
  • Renovation of equipment
  • Correction of production line
  • Rebuild of factory
  • 24/7 hotline service
Anders Kirkebak Poulsen - Carsoe

Anders Kirkebak Poulsen

Head of Sales, After Sales

+45 61 22 76 24