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Optimized Offloading and Handling With Onboard Elevators

Handling and transportation of products is time consuming in seafood processing. Using elevators as an integrated part of your processing plant means significant savings in both time and money.


Trucks, cranes, and manpower. Offloading your products can be a costly affair. An estimated guess is that it requires around 10-12 people to handle offloading. Adding elevators to you processing plant, can reduce the offloading manpower requirements to as few as two people.

When reaching port, the automatic elevator solution transports the palletized products from the cargo hold to the shipside. From here, the pallets can be offloaded using truck directly from the quayside. In addition to the reduced handling costs, offloading can therefore be done much quicker as well.

We also have solutions to compensate for the high and low tide, with flexible offloading height towards quayside.


Automate processes onboard

To further optimize processes, you might also consider adding elevators to your palletizing line. This means quick and automatic transportation of products between decks. When a pallet is complete, the products are automatically loaded from factory to cargo.

Space is money onboard a fishing vessel. Using our palletizing unit directly integrated in our elevators also optimize space in your production leaving more space for more fish processing equipment.

At Carsoe we work hard to design effective and optimized solutions for fishing vessels around the world.

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