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The new year begins with a sea trial for the newest RFC factory trawler “Vladimir Limanov”. Onboard is a brand new Carsoe spare parts container. The container will serve as a mobile warehouse with spare parts for the complete Carsoe processing plant onboard the vessel.

The container is another initiative from Carsoe to deliver a higher level of service for our customers during sea trials, where adjustments of the gear are necessary. In this case, the container will be especially valuable as the vessel is fishing in the Far East, making spare parts very hard to come by. There will of course be Carsoe engineers on board for the sea trials to assist with the adjustments.

“The spare parts container makes us self-sufficient at sea and we avoid having to wait several weeks for spare parts. We have it all onboard and can keep the processing plant up and running without production stops,” Installation and Commissioning Manager, Jimmy Nielsen explains. In addition, the spare parts will make it efficient to perform regular maintenance on the equipment. 

Carsoe is contracted to deliver complete processing plants for the next six RFC vessel, and the container will be shipped from one vessel to the next as they are built and set off on their sea trials. The spare parts and equipment will be adjusted along the way to create the best possible spare parts supply for the RFC vessels. 

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