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New Talley’s trawler equipped with Carsoe multispecies factory

Carsoe enters new waters with a contract for a multispecies onboard factory for Talley’s new vessel in New Zealand.

The onboard factory is designed with a high degree of automation, minimizing the need for manual labor, and ensuring better working conditions for the crew with less heavy lifting. The catch is quickly processed and frozen onboard, ready for distribution as fillets and HG.

“Automation makes the processing job easier for the crew”, Warren Harris, Project Manager for Talley’s new build says and elaborates on the choice of Carsoe as their processing supplier: “When we compared the Carsoe design with others, we saw that Carsoes design flowed a lot better. Also, their communication regarding the specifications and our requirements has been second to none.”

Sales Manager at Carsoe Trond Bjørnøy is looking forward to the collaboration: “We are very excited to embark on a new partnership with Talley’s and to contribute to renewing their fleet of fishing vessels with a modern factory utilizing the catch efficiently.”

Multispecies onboard factory

The factory is designed to ensure streamlined processing across different species. As a wide variety of species are caught, the factory is optimized to handle and process each product and species efficiently, focusing on the shortest possible processing time from deck to freezer, to maintain the freshness of the fish.

The processed fresh catch is frozen in a high-capacity automatic plate freezer with a short freezing time and a continuous flow of products. The frozen products are then sent for automatic palletizing with an integrated stretch wrapper.

This palletizing system is ideal for factory trawlers because the stretch film is added during palletizing, allowing for quick and efficient storage preparation. The layered wrapping provides additional stability and protection for the catch, ensuring safe storage during bad weather and heavy seas.

Frozen-at-sea with Automatic Plate Freezing

With various species and a high-quality catch, efficient freezing is essential in the onboard factory. The automatic horizontal plate freezer, with a capacity of up to 80 tons a day, ensures frozen at sea products of supreme quality.

Automation in plate freezing provides countless benefits for the production process. This is a big help in achieving steady good production and reduces heavy lifting work for the crew,” Warren explains.

With an automatic, continuous freezing process, manual handling is eliminated, resulting in increased production rates. The infeed and outfeed of the freezer are automated, maximizing capacity and simplifying maintenance procedures.

Factory Trawlers for the Pacific Ocean

Historically, Carsoe has been a trusted processing partner for fishing vessels sailing the colder waters of the northern hemisphere.

This entry into the Pacific Ocean market solidifies Carsoe's position as the market leader in onboard factories, regardless of species or waters. Focusing on meeting the customer's requirements and delivering the strongest technical solution with a short processing time is always the goal.


We may be new to these waters, but our years of processing knowledge and reliability are inherent in our business.

We are very proud to be the chosen partner by one of the oldest New Zealand fishing companies, Talley’s.

- Jeppe Christensen, Group Sales Director

About Talley’s and the new vessel Voyager

With a length of 79 meters by 15.50m beam, this vessel will be the largest in the Talley’s fleet. The vessel is designed for fishing and processing different types of species from the rich fishing grounds of New Zealand.

The name of the vessel is Voyager. It will be built at Nodosa shipyard in Spain and delivery is scheduled for late 2026.

Your Contacts for Onboard Processing


Trond Bjørnøy

Sales Manager

+47 98 23 55 05