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Onboard shrimp and halibut factory

New contract for Carsoe

A long-term business partnership and a turnkey solution are the key drivers in choosing Carsoe to design, produce and install the new complete processing plant onboard the Ocean Prawns’ new trawler.

The new vessel is a state-of-the-art shrimp and halibut trawler. It will be able to hold 1.200 tons of shrimp or halibut and the Carsoe processing plant is designed with two processing lines allowing for effective processing, freezing, and packaging of the catch.

In addition to processing equipment such as shrimp cookers and the halibut factory, the plant also includes 2 large autofreezers for quick and effective freezing to preserve the freshness and high quality of the catch.

When the catch is frozen into blocks, it proceeds to a complete palletizing setup, where shrimp and halibut are palletized separately in so called “clean pallets”. This means no need for further sorting and handling in the cargo room or portside. The catch is processed, packed, sorted and ready to be shipped when the trawler reaches port.

The automations throughout the plant also ensures a safe working environment and less heavy lifting for the crew.


A longterm partnership

The Ocean Prawns fleet is no stranger to Carsoe, who have done rebuilds, service and maintenance on the fleet for the last 30 years. The common knowledge base is a key element in the ongoing partnership.

“It is actually the 3rd Ocean Prawns trawler, we are supplying with process equipment, if I also include the vessels delivered since the days of Carnitech. We even have some of the same people from back then working on the process equipment for this latest trawler,” Carsoe CEO Mikkel Jacobsen explains.

The latest at Carsoe

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