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New After Sales director further strengthens customer relations and service.

Being a reliable after sales partner has always been an integral part of the Carsoe business and the new director, Johan Schwerin, is set to lead Carsoe to new horizons of customer support and innovation.

Long-lasting partnerships and equipment

As a strong partner for seafood processing customers worldwide, Carsoe is committed to delivering exceptional after-sales service and support. To emphasize this commitment, Hugo Dissing, CEO, says "We are dedicated to strengthening our after-sales business to ensure we become an even stronger partner to our customers within seafood processing. With this strategic focus, we will continue to provide comprehensive support throughout the entire lifecycle of their production facilities."

The market has seen an increasing need to lengthen the lifespan of processing facilities, not only for economic reasons but also to foster a more sustainable business. Carsoe recognizes this need and has made it a priority within its after-sales service. By optimizing productivity, minimizing downtime, and extending the life cycle of its solutions, Carsoe aims to contribute to our customers’ efficient processing for many years to come.

An experienced and dedicated director

Leading the After Sales department is our new After Sales Director, Johan Schwerin. With an extensive background and deep understanding of after-sales and service within the maritime sector, Johan Schwerin brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the role. His experience in identifying and supporting customer needs, managing high-performance service teams, and fostering long-term partnerships will be instrumental in driving Carsoe's customer-centric approach forward.

Commenting on his appointment, Johan Schwerin states, "I'm thrilled to be joining Carsoe's team and look forward to working closely together with our customers to understand and mitigate their challenges and provide them with the highest level of support and service. Together, we'll ensure that their operations continue to run smoothly and efficiently."

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