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KM Mark 7

Increased capacity with automatic fish gutting machine

KM Mark 7 automates the fish gutting process onboard vessels and in land-based fish factories. It ensures a higher capacity in less time and an improved gutting as the machine maintains a superior and uniform standard throughout the process.

High capacity

The capacity of KM Mark 7 is up to 60 fish per minute depending on fish size and the operator’s preferred feeding speed. Compared to manual fish gutting, this capacity is at a level of up to 5 operators’ work effort. Also, this model has up to 50% higher capacity than our previous model, KM Mark 5.

Innovative design

KM Mark 7 is a further development of known technology and our many years of experience and knowhow with manufacturing fish gutting machines. One of the key features of this model is its unique one-side-service construction where all maintenance can be carried out from one side of the machine. This design is highly space saving on deck, as machines can be installed right up to the bulkhead or two machines side by side.

In addition, KM Mark 7 allows you to adjust gutting length while the machine is in operation, which provides you with a much more continuous workflow than any other gutting solution.

KM Mark 7 - a must-have gutting machine

Whether you have a smaller trawler or a large freezing vessel, KM Mark 7 is a must-have in your fish processing line. Besides automating the process, you use less gutting time per fish and with a much better outcome due to an even and high-class gutting level.

You can use the machine as stand-alone equipment or as part of a turnkey seafood processing solution. To optimize your production outcome even further, you add a fish elevator in the line before the fish gutting machine, and a fish washer or fish cooling carrousel after to secure a high-level cleaning of the fish before further processing. This equipment is specially designed for use in connection with KM Mark 7 to maximize the capacity of the gutting machine. A layout containing these three machines only takes up approx. 4 meters in length and will be customized according to layout of the trawler.

Less maintenance required

You can easily install the fish gutting machine yourself in your line. Naturally, you receive instructions on how to use the machine, but features and electric control have been set from Carsoe, and the machine has been tested beforehand, which basically means you only need to connect power and water to put the machine into function.

When servicing the machine on a regular basis, you have an efficient and durable machine for many years to come. Generally, the machine requires less service than former models.

Ergonomic and strong design

KM Mark 7 is characterized by having an ergonomic design represented by its height adjustable legs and smaller depth resulting in operators being able to stand closer to the machine during feeding it with fish, hence relieving their back. Also, it is known for having a stronger design and being a quieter machine than any other fish gutting machine.

The fish gutting machine is widely sold throughout the world and is highly useful for gutting a long line of whitefish including cod, saithe, hake, haddock, whiting, Alaska pollock, red cod, blue cod, southern hake, merluza, southern blue whitting, and hoki.

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