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Hybrid Palletizing Solution: Optimize Time and Space On Your Vessel

Save space on your fishing vessel with this two-in-one solution combining palletizing and elevators into one piece of equipment for your onboard seafood processing plant.

In this hybrid solution, the elevator is an integrated part of the palletizer. This means that the pallets are transported directly from palletizing into the cargo hold in a continuous flow. The pallets are equipped with layered wrapping for safe storage at sea and correctly labeled before the completed pallet it is sent to the cargo hold.

In the cargo hold the full pallets are transported to a chain conveyor buffer and a new pallet is automatically inserted into the elevator platform. This reduces the time needed for manpower in cargo hold. The new pallet insert is done automatically, and the pallet magazine can store several pallets at the time.

This solution is the perfect fit for onboard processing factories where space utilization is crucial. Furthermore, the automatic workflow also optimizes your handling time in the cargo hold allowing for more time to be spent in the processing line where the extra manpower can result in a higher production efficiency.

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