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First Carsoe Order for China

One of the World’s largest Krill trawlers

Carsoe Denmark is to deliver a complete automatic distribution, freezing and packaging line for the one of the largest Krill trawlers in the World. The vessel of 115 meter is being built at the Chinese shipyard “Guangzhou Wenchong Shipyard Co. Ltd.” for Jiangsu Sunline Deep Sea Fisheries Co. Ltd. in Shanghai and the vessel is due to start fishing in 2019. Dialogue and negotiations between Carsoe and the Chinese company has been going on for nearly two years.

It’s considered very important for Carsoe, that this is the first order for the Chinese market, says Carsoe CEO Mikkel Jacobsen.

“Companies in China manufacture freezing plants too for onshore and offshore food processing. We apparently have something they don’t have in China, and I believe it’s our high quality horizontal auto freezer system. The order may therefore be of future significance to us,” says Mikkel Jacobsen.

Two years in the making

It was Jiangsu Sunline Deep Sea Fisheries Co. Ltd. that approached Carsoe. For two years, there has been negotiations in both China and Denmark, and representatives from the Chinese company have visited Carsoe in Aalborg to take a closer look at the production site.

“Time is a valuable source when dealing with China. We have spent it well and we are pleased to say, that we have established a sound and confident relationship with our Chinese customer,” says Mikkel Jacobsen.

Danish Quality

The Chinese krill trawler will be 115 meters and have room for 99 men on board. The automatic distribution line and freezing line from Carsoe will be able to freeze 100 tons of Krill a day. The catch is sorted in the automatic distribution section and either frozen in blocks or processed as Krill meat and Omega 3 oil. The vessel is expected to start fishing in the waters at Antarctica in 2019.

Carsoe have and will deliver several complete processing and freezing lines for new trawlers in Norway, Greenland and Canada. The automated freezing solutions needs fewer hands onboard and the workers are spared heavy and continuous lifting of the frozen blocks.

The latest at Carsoe

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