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Whitefish vessel, Sara Karin

Factory on extended vessel designed by Carsoe

Whitefish vessel, Sara Karin, has been extended with 6 meters midships and 2 meters aft. Carsoe has designed the factory and installed the new processing equipment, which has provided the vessel with increased loading capacity and enhanced freezing efficiency.

High capacity on limited space

Rebuilt as a H&G vessel

Originally, Sara Karin operated as a combi trawler fishing for both shrimp and whitefish. After the rebuild and the extension of the vessel from 19.8 to 27.8 meters, the shrimp processing line has been removed, and Sara Karin is now entirely an H&G vessel, head and gutted whitefish like cod, pollock, and haddock.

In cooperation with the shipping company, Sara Karin AS, Carsoe has delivered a top quality solution focusing on high capacity in limited space and better ergonomics onboard.

Long term relationship

The relationship with skipper and owner of Sara Karin, Erik-Andre Brose Krag, is built on years of cooperation, and he is very satisfied with the result of the factory.

I’m very pleased with Carsoe and their solution. They understand our needs and concerns, which is crucial in our line of business. With our new factory we have optimized the capacity, and this is essential for improving our efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Erik-Andre Brose Krag, Skipper & Owner, Sara Karin.

Successful project

At Carsoe, After Sales Manager Anders Kirkebak Poulsen, also defines the rebuilding of Sara Karin as a successful project. 

We have had an open and constructive dialogue throughout the entire project with both Erik-Andre and the shipping company. Together we have solved any little challenges before they become big issues.

I’m proud of our solution which completely fulfills all requirements set out from Sara Karin. The vessel is now a high capacity H&G vessel, that is once again ready to set sail.
Anders Kirkebak Poulsen, After Sales Manager, Carsoe.


Automatic processes

Scope of the project

Included in the rebuild project are equipment such as conveyor systems, gutting machine, vertical plate freezers, checkweigher, and fish grader. Also, Carsoe has refurbished existing machines making them up to date with the new factory. After the gutting and weighing process, the fish continue to the grader, where each grade is sent automatically to the designated buffer tank before being transported for further processing. This automatic process is crucial for a high capacity processing line, as the fish later are frozen according to these specifications.

In the ship hold it has been a focus point with better working positions and work routines. As an ergonomic and less manual solution, Carsoe designed conveyors to move up and down in height to suit the worker and to greatly minimize manual lifting of frozen blocks. The conveyors can handle both half and whole blocks from 25 to 50 kg in the freezing hold. The capacity of the new factory is up to approx. 30 tons per day.

Sara Karin fishes in the waters around northern Norway.

Carsoe congratulates on the factory and wishes the crew the best of luck. Also, thank you to the shipping company, Sara Karin AS, for a good cooperation.

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