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Double refit for returning customers

Qajaq Trawl and Polar Seafood orders refit of shrimp processing line

5 years ago, the two trawlers, Markus and Nattoralik from Qajaq Trawl and Polar Seafood went on their very first fishing trips. Since then, their shrimp catch has been processed in the onboard factory solution from Carsoe. 

After years of fishing, the customers now return to Carsoe for a refit of both vessels. A change in market conditions means higher demand for specific products and this calls for an adaption of the production line on the two factory trawlers to respond to the market and increase profitability of the production.

With a rebuild of their existing processing factory by replacing their current Japan line with a new customized semi-automatic Japan shrimp line, they will get a higher return on their catch and a better usage of their onboard factory, as well as a product packaging size output more suitable for current retail demand.

Semi-automatic Japan Shrimp Line for Optimized Production

This refit means a substantial improvement of the factory as a new customized Japan shrimp production is added to the factory deck. The solution is designed with a minimum of operator handling and has a processing capacity of 19 tons/day.

The high-capacity Japan line is built around the automatic horizontal plate freezer with automatic handling of the freezing trays, including in- and outfeed. Once the products are frozen, they proceed to automatic block ejection and packaging in sealed cardboard boxes, ready for retail.

The automated flow means less manual handling and eliminates heavy lifting in the factory deck.

A close and long-term partnership

Since the factories were first built, the Carsoe After Sales department has handled regular maintenance and service on the two vessels numerous times to keep the processing flow running smoothly. For instance, an adjustment in the weigh-out area, designed by the crew onboard Nattoralik, was installed a few years ago during a short stay in dock.

This is one of many examples of the importance of a close and continuous partnership. Knowing the ins and outs of the factory. Advising the crew on adjustments. Understanding the importance of reliable and seamless operations. This is part of the Carsoe DNA, or as Senior Sales Manager Søren Hansen says it: “We are here to ensure that the factories run smoothly and efficiently. When the equipment works, the crew is happy, and so are we.”

The semi-automatic Japan line

The freezer line is designed for weighing and freezing of 1kg Japan shrimps.

With this line, you will achieve an end product of 1 kg Japan shrimps packed into a box, sealed and ready for retail.

The semi automatic Japan line allows you to weigh out exactly 1 kg of Japan shrimps and pack them into the designated boxes. After this step, they are brought to a station where the boxes are closed and glued in order to seal them.

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Søren Hansen

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