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Commissioning of Chinese Krill Trawler in Progress

The work on one of the world’s largest krill trawlers has entered the final stages. As soon as the commissioning of the onboard freezing factory is complete, the trawler will set off for their fishing grounds in Antarctica.

The complete freezing factory is designed and built by Carsoe. The custom-solution ensures delicate handling and effective freezing of krill. The catch is automatically distributed in sections and either processed as krill meat, omega 3 oil or freshly frozen in blocks. 

With the automatic freezing solution the trawler can freeze up to 100 tons of krill a day. The automated freezing solutions requires fewer hands onboard and the workers are spared heavy and continuous lifting of the frozen blocks.



Carsoe Commissioning team on-site

To assist with the commissioning, Carsoe has two on-site supervisors in China for the next two months. They will play a vital part in testing the equipment thus ensuring an effective commissioning.  

In addition, they will also be responsible for training the krill trawler crew. The Carsoe engineers will take the crew through the entire factory and teach them how to operate the equipment and how to perform regular maintenance on the factory to keep it running as smoothly and effective as possible.

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