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Carsoe Signs Major Deal in the US

Arctic Storm Management Group in Seattle recently contracted the largest fishing vessel ever to be built in the US. Rolls-Royce is behind the design of the 100-meter-long ship and as part of the project, Arctic Storm Management Group placed an order with Carsoe US Inc. for the delivery of a complete on-board fish processing factory for Alaska Pollock. 

Carsoe, a global leader in the development and delivery of complete on-board fish processing factories, has signed the first significant contract in the U.S. with Arctic Storm Management Group in Seattle. This is significant for the North American fishing industry as Arctic Storm Management Group will build the largest and most advanced new vessel since the 1980’s. The ship is scheduled for delivery in 2021.

All other ships have typically been re-builds of ships from the 80’s and 90’s, and nobody has ever before commissioned a ship specifically designed to catch Alaska Pollock in the ocean surrounding Alaska. Strong demand and future outlook for all Alaska Pollock products in the US, Europe and Asia has encouraged us to reinvest in this industry. "The new ship replaces our smaller existing vessel Arctic Fjord", says Doug Christensen, CEO, Arctic Storm Management Group.

The ship, initially referred to as Rolls-Royce NVC 336 WP, measures 100x21 meters.  In addition to being the largest Rolls-Royce-fishing vessel ever built, it is also the first Rolls-Royce-ship to be built in the US. The vessel is currently under construction at Thoma-Sea Marine Construction in Louisiana and Carsoe’s operations in the US and Aalborg, Denmark will now be in close collaboration with the shipyard.

Carsoe’s position as a leading supplier for on-board solutions proves that we can succesfully produce complete fish processing factories for ships of this size. Arctic Storm Management Group strengthens our market position significantly, especially in the US. "We’ve been chosen as supplier because of our team of skilled and very experienced employees – and because of our industry-leading solutions and workmanship", comments Mikkel Jacobsen, CEO, Carsoe A/S.

The ship will be equipped with Carsoe’s state-of-the-art fish factory for the production of Alaska Pollock, either as fish blocks, surimi, roe, fish meal or fish oil. The ship will be among the most modern in the world and has been designed with an emphasis on low fuel consumption, limited emissions and vibrations, as well as a low noise-level.

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