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Carsoe Expands with Acquisition of Carnitech Seafood Activities

The agreement is in place after a few months of negotiations with Marel, and gives Carsoe all rights to the former Carnitech's activities in seafood processing on board. 

This means that Carsoe continues throughout the business area in terms of design, production, service and especially spare trawler customers worldwide.

Carnitech was a leader in the business area Seafood Processing on board and Carsoe is determined to maintain and develop this position.

Furthermore, Carsoe has employed several of the former employees from Carnitech who have experience in the business area, which has had great importance for the continuation of the unique products.

Director Mikkel Jacobsen says: "Carsoe is proud to carry on this business, which has had great importance for the stainless steel industry in North Jutland. We have already been in the process of servicing existing customers with spare parts since Carnitech's bankruptcy, so customers have not experienced the bankruptcy negatively. The first projects are already completed and more is in the pipeline. So we are pretty sure that this business will contribute positively to Carsoe’s future development. "

Carsoe will maintain and develop the unique position that Carnitech had in this business area all over the world.

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