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Carsoe Acquires Its First Contract Ever For a Complete Fillet Processing Plant

Royal Greenland has chosen Carsoe A/S in Aalborg, Denmark, to deliver a complete processing plant for their newest fillet trawler. Being able to offer complete fish processing plants that produce both fillet and round fish is a turning point for Carsoe. Royal Greenland has also appointed Carsoe to deliver a processing plant for a new shrimp trawler.

”The co-ownership of Steel Tech Carsoe in Aalesund has proven to be the perfect match for both of us. From now on Carsoe is also in the market as supplier of state of the art plants for onboard processing from A to Z,” says CEO Mikkel Jacobsen at Carsoe.

Quality and environmental issues solved
The state of the art processing plant is not only keeping the high quality of freshly caught fish throughout the process, but the automation also secures a safe and sound working environment for the people onboard. As CEO Mikkel Jacobsen says: ”We have put together all the knowhow from Steel Tech and Carsoe and we have come up with an impressive processing plant, that will take us a giant step further in reaching our company’s goal to become a global and complete supplier of onboard factories," says Mikkel Jacobsen.

Complete processing plant
The new Royal Greenland fillet trawler will eventually be fishing for Greenland halibut and white fish. The processing plant from Carsoe enables the trawler to produce fillet, head cut and gutted fish or round frozen products – all at the same time. On the way through the automatic processing line, the catch will be sorted by species and the fish graded. The fillet and round fish will be frozen in automatically loaded and unloaded horizontal freezers, packed and then set aside in a freezer "hotel" for later onboard palletizing.

Another order for Royal Greenland
Carsoe also signed a contract to deliver a complete plant for Royal Greenlands new shrimp and halibut trawler. It will have a complete processing plant installed with an automatic separation of bycatch, grading of the shrimps by size and a continuous cooking line. The shrimps will be frozen either in IQF tunnels or in automatically loaded and unloaded horizontal freezers. The frozen and packed shrimps are then set aside in a freezer "hotel" for later onboard palletizing. Both trawlers are being built at the Astilleros de Murueta shipyard in Spain. The fillet trawler will be ready for action by the end of 2018 and the shrimp trawler by May 2019.

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