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Carsoe A/S opens US subsidiary in Seattle

Carsoe’s new Seattle-based operation will support the North American and Far East Russian on-board and land-based fish processing industry.

“As part of Carsoe’s strategy to become a global supplier of customized on-board processing solutions to the fishing industry, the market has recently offered interesting opportunities for Carsoe to establish a strong presence in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. We have already brought together a team of people in Seattle that individually holds decades of experience in the industry, and the company expects to have close to 40 full-time employees engaged in sales, design, fabrication, installation and project management before the end of this year at facilities in Ballard”, say Mikkel Jacobsen, President of Carsoe A/S, which was founded in 1976 and currently has more than 150 people employed at high efficiency facilities in Aalborg, Denmark.

The first major contract for a turnkey solution to Russia was signed earlier this summer and will be installed later this fall. The team in Seattle is currently busy setting up shop at facilities formerly occupied by Carnitech US and Marel Seattle to serve the local fishing industry ahead of the upcoming fishing season.

The U.S. operation is well-supported by Carsoe A/S in Denmark, and just like Carsoe’s new setup in Norway, it will share common IT and product platforms.

“Carsoe is not only looking to become a major supplier of on-board processing solutions, offering customers extensive knowledge and proven record of successfully delivering high-efficiency factories for shrimp-, whitefish-, pelagic- and surimi production, but will also focus on complete solutions for value-adding at shore-based operations through partnerships with other major suppliers in the market place”, says Mikkel Jacobsen.

We are looking forward to working with you on any job or project that you have. We will share more information about Carsoe's US operation in the near future. Meanwhile, you are welcome to drop by our facility on Leary Way in Seattle.

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