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Carsoe A/S is Relocating to Aalborg

Today, Carsoe A/S has relocated to their new adress in Aalborg, where more than 9000 square meter now is the setting for the company. The many inner square meter has over the past six months been designed and built from the ground so that the building now houses top modern production and office facilities.

Today's relocation also means a farewell to Pandrup where Carsoe A/S since 2005 had 6 addresses around the city's industrial area. 120 employees has moved along to Aalborg and now working from one address to ensure Carsoe A/S an increasing growth, growth that was precisely the major reason for the move.

The new and larger production facilities also ensures that Carsoe A/S now and in the future are better equipped to increase production, can take more and bigger productions in and use the company's expertise across departments. The relocation also means that transportation from Carsoe A/S to receiver is easier, with both freeway and the Port of Aalborg as a neighbor.

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