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Automatic plate freezing results in optimized production flow

Interested in learning more about automatic plate freezing? Read about the advantages of automatizing your freezer setup in this extensive review of our automatic horizontal plate freezer. Compared to manual freezer setups, this type of freezer results in less handling of the product and higher capacity freezing in both landbased and onboard production facilities.

Rapidly and automatically freezes your food product

Plate freezing is a very effective and rapid way of freezing your food product, be it animal or human food products. Trays or freezing frames loaded with product are slid between the freezing plates, ensuring frozen blocks that are flat and uniform. Plate freezing is especially ideal for products such as fish, seafood, meat, poultry, vegetables, fruit, and readymade meals packed in cartons or trays. Once frozen, they are easily stacked and stored.

Automatic plate freezing offers an automatic, continuous freezing process – eliminating manual handling and increasing your production rates. The infeed and outfeed of the freezer is handled automatically and designed with the highest possible capacity and easy maintenance in mind.

Video: Automatic Plate Freezers installed on fishing vessel

Check out our autofreezer set up onboard the large fishing vessel Iliveleq. 

The automatic processing and freezing ensures an efficient setup with continuous production flow and high capacity.

Designed and personalized with custom flow in mind

Our automatic horizontal plate freezers store your products horizontally and are personalized to your specific production needs. Your production becomes more stringent, more effective and requires no human interaction during production.

Each freezer can be modified for specific tray sizes to ensure the ideal utilization of the footprint. Carsoe applies a wide understanding of and experience with processing equipment and interlining product flow.

By using this approach, all automatic horizontal plate freezers are designed for a specific capacity and flow, which is modelled in liaison with the client.

Video: Product Flow Simulation for plate freezing

See a product flow simulation for freezing and sorting of product.

The setup includes four high-capacity automatic horizontal plate freezers.

Onboard as well as on land processing

Our automatic plate freezers are built with a complete frame and cylinder in stainless steel. This allows the freezer to withstand harsh environments, such as seawater onboard a vessel, and ensures a long lifespan with low maintenance for your freezing solution.

This also makes the freezer ideal for onboard processing of fish as well as for land factories looking for a high-capacity freezing solution.


Click below to read the full product description of our automatic horizontal plate freezers:

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We provide the best freezing solutions on the market, fitted to your exact needs. Advanced, efficient and fast freezing is key. 


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