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Adjustments optimize the factory trawler Nattoralik

The Carsoe After Sales team has worked hard to service the factory deck onboard the Polar Seafood trawler Nattoralik while it was in dock for the annual maintenance. At the same time, Carsoe also added two new additions to the factory which results in optimized cleaning and a higher sorting capacity.

Crew ideas led to adjustments

With a dedicated fishing crew onboard the Polar Seafood trawler, optimized workflows are easy to come by. Both crews on the vessel suggested modifications to the weigh-out area to make it easier and quicker to clean the area. The Carsoe team used the suggestions from the crew the area to create a better separation between the wet and dry sections of the area. This means optimized processes and easier handling for the crew.

Aside from the optimized weigh-out area, Nattoralik also leaves port with a new addition to the sorting line allowing the factory to run two product sorting lines simultaneously. This means a higher capacity for the factory.

All done in three weeks

The Carsoe team has worked quickly to complete the job in only three weeks. “We know that time is of the essence, when a trawler comes in for maintenance”, Project Manager Morten Kusk says and continues “We need to be ready to act quickly and with our extensive spare parts supplies and large team of service engineers, we are used to handling these tasks within the short timeframe.”

The experienced Project Manager knows the factory deck very well. He was part of designing the layout for the Nattoralik factory when it was first built. He is now responsible for the After Sales project at Carsoe and him and the dedicated service engineers are working closely with Polar Seafood to make sure, that the job is completed before the trawler again sets out to sea.

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